On April 30, 2008, we started the 3 week process of installing

the new synthetic lanes. 

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The new lanes arrived at 7 a.m on May 2, 2008

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Jamie and Rob are hauling in lane and approach sections on Friday, May 2, 2008. It took 

almost 4 hours to unload and haul everything inside.    

  DCP_1367.JPG - click to insert

New lanes are being stacked in the arcade until it is time to install.

DCP_1377.JPG - click to insert          

A cross sander is used to sand and level the existing wood lane before the synthetic are placed on top

DCP_1381.JPG - click to insert

New pindecks are laid out ready to be installed.

DCP_1382.JPG - click to insert

Every lane is checked after sanding to make sure it is level within 1/10000 th of an inch.        

Week 2- May 5-9   

The new synthetic panels have been installed and bowling on the new lane surface started Wednesday

night with the Summer Adult Junior League.  Come on down and give them a try.  They look GREAT!!       

synthetics_1.jpg - click to insert

Tom Jones helped lay the first lane panel on Lane 1

synthetics_6.jpg - click to insert

The new synthetic panels are about 7/16 inches thick and are laid on top of the wood lane.

The old wood lane acts as a foundation to support the panels.

synthetics_2.jpg - click to insert

The lanes on Lanes 1-8 are down, now the pindecks.

synthetics_4.jpg - click to insert

Tom Jones rolls the ceremonial first ball down lane 1.  IT WAS A STRIKE!!!

synthetics_5.jpg - click to insert

A close up look at the difference between the wood lane and approach on the right on Lane 9 vs.

Lane 8 synthetic lane and approach on the left.

SYNTHETIC_GLOW_1.jpg - click to insert

New synthetic lanes on the left vs wood lane on the right during glow bowling

SYNTHETIC_GLOW_2.jpg - click to insert

The new synthetic lanes not only glow under the blacklights, the approaches do too!!!


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