Employment at RiversEdge Bowl

We are looking for individuals with exceptional customer service skills who enjoy working with the public, and working with others.  Always smiling, being helpful and informative to the customers, and show initiative to keep busy during slow times.  Hours are flexible, if you have another job or are in school etc..  Please apply at RiversEdge Bowl in person and fill out an application.  Resume not required.

1.  Bar/Kitchen Part-time:  Starting wage $7.50 per hour + tips

Duties:  Serving drinks, cooking, food prep, cleaning, stocking.

Hours available: Monday-Friday 5p.m.-close, Saturday 7a.m.-close, Sunday 10a.m.- close.  Close on weeknights is usually no later than 11p.m., midnight on weekends.


2.  Daytime Service desk:  Starting wage $8.00 per hour

Duties:  Answering phone calls, putting customers on and off lanes, booking parties, providing accurate and helpful information about open bowling and league bowling,  cleaning, food prep,  organizing and assigning lockers to bowlers, Keeping fliers stocks in concourse etc.  

Hours available:  Monday and Friday 11a.m-5p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday 8:45a.m.-5p.m.  Extra hours may be available. 

3.  Night and weekend Service desk:  Starting wage $7.50 per hour

Duties:  Putting customers on and off lanes, answering phone calls, booking parties, providing customer service, cleaning during slow times. 

Hours available- Monday-Friday 5 p.m.-close  Saturday 7a.m-close, Sunday 10a.m.-close.  Close on weeknights usually is no later than 11p.m and midnight on weekends. 





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